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Venice native, Perry Farrel & Jane’s Addiction are back | FREE Download off their new album due out in August

Long time VENICE native, Perry  Farrell, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and off again bass player Avery, are releasing the group’s first new album in eight years.  “The Great Escape Artist,” , will be released Aug. 23 on Capitol Records, according ...

“Coachella 2011 Artist Preview: Beardyman…Believe the Hype”

Not since, Rahzel, has a beatboxer made such an impression on me like the UK’s very own Darren Formean, also known to us as Beardyman, has in the past year. It was seeing beatboxer Rahzel play live that impressed Foreman that beatboxing ...

“What would you do/give for Coachella tickets?… 3 goats maybe”

Let the “What would you do, give, or pay for Coachella tickets” games begin! …Coachella has officially SOLD OUT, friends.. I know, I know.. You were getting ready to pick up a pair on payday this Friday & then Sammy ...

Coachella Countdown: 4 Days! The “Holy Sh&# I’m Ticketless” freakout & Band of Skulls..

4 Days counting and people are on stage Freakout over tickets. Yes, they are sold out via, No, they aren’t sold out in “actuality”, Yes, there will be plenty for sale at the ground..&. No, there is no need ...

Coachella Set Times Announced!

Venicians, finally. finally, finally… Patience is a virtue I tell myself & it’s surely been tested in this case. –  Coachella set times have been announced. Here’s a sneak peak at Friday’s schedule. Check out Saturday and Sunday’s lineup here