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Pic of the Day | “June Gloom”

Pic of the Day 6.9.11 “June Gloom” Photo courtesy of Jaclyn Zamudio Submit your own Pic of the Day! … Email it to:  

Pic of the Day | “Food Truck Fridays on Abbot Kinney”

Pic of the Day 6.2.11 “Food Truck Fridays on Abbot Kinney” Photo courtesy of  Mel Blanchard Not the First Friday I fell in love with 2 years ago… backyard hair salons, music, & 2 buck chuck…those were the days, eh? ...

Pic of the Day | “Ms. Jolly Green Brainwash”

Pic of the Day 6.2.11 “Ms. Jolly Green Brainwash” Photo courtesy of  Emma Leslie Taken on LaBrea. It’s signed by Mr. Brainwash or is it an imposter?… You be the judge.. It’s right next to the tomato spray one we ...

Pic of the Day | “Sunset on Washington Square”

Pic of the Day 6.1.11 “Sunset on Washington Square” Photo courtesy of Justin White Submit your own Pic of the Day! … Email it to:  

Pic of the Day | “Love is… Sunset with a Clown”

Pic of the Day 5.25.11 “Love is… Sunset on Venice Beach with a Clown” Photo courtesy of Lauren Sarmir Who’s the tall figure in the distance? It’s our buddy! Submit your own Pic of the Day! … Email it to:

Pic of the Day | “tuh-MAY-toe”

Pic of the Day 5.16.11 “tuh-MAY-toe” Photo courtesy of Jeff Valdez A fresh “tomato spray” piece inspired by Mr. Brainwash seems to have popped up on the corner of La Brea & Romaine on the southside of a commercial building today. ...

Pic of the Day | “Freedom of Choice”

Pic of the Day 5.15.11 “Freedom of Choice” Photo courtesy of Tara Kelly

Pic of the Day | “Horizon Ave”

Pic of The Day | 5.12.11 “Horizon Ave” Photo courtesy of Meagan Romney  

Vintage Venice Postcards

As part of our Venice Vintage series, we bring you some old postcards we stumbled upon from back in the day. Amazing to see Venice 100 yrs ago and all that’s changed. Look at that Pier on Windward!   For ...