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VNC 2012 Election – Know Your Candidates | Melissa Diner

WELO met up with Melissa Diner, a proud member of the Venice community, and found out a little bit about why she is running for the Venice Neighborhood Council and what her platform would be. Having known Melissa for a ...

Distance | A short experimental film with a cameo from the Dick Clark, RIP

Right after film school someone asked me to shoot a quick interview with Dick Clark for an awards show. I said sure and after we shot the bit, I asked him if he would mind giving me a shot for ...

Christmas on AK | Jimi Knight goes Shopping

I hate Christmas shopping. Let me repeat, I hate it. It gives me anxiety. I walk into a department store, my palms start sweating, there’s a million people there, zipping this way and that, kids running up to you, grabbing ...

Venice Beach: Parking Wars continue!

There has been a battle going on amongst Venetians, a battle over parking. Specifically, trucks, buses and RVs taller than 7 feet jockeying to park between 2 and 5 am.

Ari Herstand, an unlikely gem found at the Stronghold, as Minneapolis does Venice by Jimi Knight

This is last Thursday. We roll down to Circle bar, Mario, Nick D, and J-Rock, with our girl Nicole. I dont know why we were going to Circle, but Im game. Of course there was a long line of what ...