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Pic of the Day | “Venice Sunsets, We Love You”

Pic of the Day 1.19.12 “Venice Sunset, We Love You” Photo courtesy of Benlloyd Goldstein Submit your own Pic of the Day! … Email it to:  

Top 12 | DJ Gina’s Fav Songs of the Year | A Christmas Mixtape

Whoa, is it really gonna be 2012 in a few weeks? Wasn’t it summer like, yesterday? If only time froze instead of fly when we are having fun. *sigh* All the awesomeness lived this year just makes me excited for ...

What the Happs? | Free and Almost Free Events this Week

On Tuesday: Facebook Invite: LOVE IN THE CIRCUS w/ KIEV…… free show! @ Central 1348 14th Street  Santa Monica, CA . On Friday: MUSICAL GUESTS: GoldRush – [ ] Griz – [ ] Nico Luminous – [ ] PlumbLyne – ...

Making New Friends | Halloween Edition

I was pretty bummed when I found out my unicorn posse had left me behind on Halloween weekend, missing my chance to watch DJ Zach Moore play Ghost Ship. (good thing he recorded his set and I can now listen to ...

Top 10 | WELO’s 2011 Best of Burning Man Awards

What just happened? If you didn’t go, you want people to stop talking about it. If you did go, you can’t shut up about it. Do me a favor and stop crying in line at Starbucks because it hasn’t gone ...

Kern River Camping | Festival Style 2011

Kern River has always been my absolute favorite place to go camping. When I heard Love in the Circus was playing out there, I jumped at the opportunity to get in on the lineup. Being the first DJs on the ...

Top 5 Things NOT to Wear at Burning Man

Although there’s really no such thing as “what-not-to-wear” at Burning Man– I thought it would be handy to create a helpful list that would be considered less than cool, or amateur of things not to wear out in this beautiful ...

Sexy as Sin | The Single Girl’s Guide to Vegas

I arrived Thursday night, with a full agenda ready for a 14 girl bachelorette party. These were not your typical girls, they were from my very strict All-Catholic high school in Texas. So basically they want to party, but just ...

Underground Comedy Hits Venice | Exclusive Interview with Show’s Co-Producer, Bronston Jones.

WELO: Why did u choose the Townhouse Basement? . Jones: When I thought about bringing a comedy show here, I wanted it to be the underground artists who are talking about real life, their real life, not wasting time talking ...