VNC Election 2012 – Know Your Candidates | Scott Burroughs

WELO met up with Scott Burroughs, a proud member of the Venice community, and found out a little bit about why he is running for the Venice Neighborhood Council and what his platform would be. Having known Scott for over 4 years we can wholeheartedly say he has the integrity and creative curiousity we feel it takes to be a council member in one of the greatest and most eclectic neighborhoods in America.

“My name is Scott. I’m a lawyer and a writer and a blog editor and a bike rider and a yoga practitioner and a ukulele player and, hopefully, the next commissioner serving the fine district of Venice, CA.

The people of Venice should cast their vote for me because I know the streets and alleys, the beaches and parks, the restaurants and bars, and nooks and crannies of our neighborhood. I know the people – the artistic, the corporate, the progressive, the conservative, the hippies, the muscle heads, the bikers, the tech dudes, and on and on – and know what they want Venice to be, and I share their vision, to the extent possible given the varied and wide-ranging nature of that vision.

I want to ensure that Venice embraces and celebrates its storied past, but doesn’t let history get in the way of the future. There are opportunities for progress and community betterment all around Venice, and I will work to see that these opportunities benefit the people of Venice. We need to prepare for the next exciting chapter of our special little town story, and make sure to conduct the town’s affairs in a way that would make Abbot himself proud. These things will govern my approach to the position should I be lucky enough to obtain it.

Venice is a town that is all things to all people, and I think I can bring all those disparate pieces together to make it a better place to live and learn and work and play. I would appreciate your vote.”

Scott Alan Burroughs, Esq.

VOTE for Scott this coming Sunday @ Westminster Elementary School.
Hours for voting are between 10:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m.

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  1. Guest says:

    None of these candidates are saying anything at all, they are all super vague. I want to know WHAT they stand for, what they support, as this area is rapidly changing, and not for the better. Rents are skyrocketing, people are getting pushed out, traffic is horrible, real estate agents seem to be the only ones really benefitting from the changes on AK, and CHAIN STORES are coming in. I haven’t spoke to a single person who currently lives or works in Venice who is happy or wants chain stores on AK, or the rents to be so high that only a chain can afford to be here, because once they are up, no independent store can afford to come in again. Everything is changed and we become like any other community, or like a mall. MY QUESTION: How are any of these candidates currently running going to keep the existing fabric of this unique area from becoming overrun with chains past the point of no return? How are you going to keep the rents and home prices stabilized for those of us who have lived here for many years? We don’t need to support celebrities, they will come if they choose because they can buy anything anywhere, so how can we support regular, unique businesses, and regular people who make up the wonderful fabric of this community?

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