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WELO met up with Melissa Diner, a proud member of the Venice community, and found out a little bit about why she is running for the Venice Neighborhood Council and what her platform would be. Having known Melissa for a few years through working with Abbot Kinney boutiques and businesses  we feel it takes to be a council member in one of the greatest and most eclectic neighborhoods in America. She exudes passion in everything she does, has a true love for making Venice a better place, and is a progressive thinker.

Below is her open letter to our readers and those Venice citizens who plan on voting.

United We Stand

Compromise, trust and hard work through action are the keys to success and results in personal, business & political relations.

I am running for Community Officer to try to create win win situations, think about the positions of all others and compromise so we can make decisions and move on.

You can trust that I will make decisions for the best interest of the community at large while taking into consideration the obstacles of the law above us.

I aim to represent that hard work has reward, no one benefits from hand outs without first showing progress and if we aim to work together despite our differences we can accomplish anything. I hope I can count on your vote for Community Officer on the Venice Neighborhood Council. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Tell us a little about yourself.

In addition to being a building manager in Venice I also would be a Jerry McGuire of sorts. I represent Luxury Jones, the first footwear that is made from 100% reclaimed materials. I met her through a boutique that used to be on Abbot Kinney called Madley, Cory Madley’s old store.  I started out in the fashion business doing footwear so that is where I have had the most success with Luxury Jones and Haus of Price brands, but I also love trends. I worked with Free People to launch Festival Paint before Coachella last year and now party paint  & body jewels for this holiday season.  I love skiing, soccer, tennis, the spanish language, traveling and food.  Satinos, Mr. Pupusas, Fruit Gallery, Groundwork, jGelina, Painted Ladies, Moo Venice, Principessa, Venice Ale house, & Figtree are some of my favorite places in the neighborhood.

Why should we vote for you?

I am a connector. I really enjoy finding common ground in situations and dealings with all types of personalities. I work relentlessly and am malleable to create win win situations. We all can’t always get our way all of the time, but if we can compromise the sky is the limit.

+++++  Info on VNC election ++++++

Important notes about the election:

Complete listing of all candidates running in Venice.

To vote you do not need to be registered to vote for the regular election.
Venice Election day is October 28, 2012 at Westminster Elementary

Anyone who lives, works or owns property can vote.

Simply bring your ID + utility bill, business card, deed etc.

(ID to verify who you are + utility bill, deed, business card etc. to verify your address in venice)

The top 13 candidates in the community officer position will be elected. Each person can only vote for one of them, which at first may seem silly but it really is to encourage more people to vote by making candidates rally there friends and community to support them.

Getting to the polls is really the most important this I can encourage so whether I become a community officer or not, Venice Neighborhood Council can continue to be one of the most influential Neighborhood Councils in the city.

SO GO VOTE VENICE!!!! See you on election day!  Party on Westminster!

Check out for more info.

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  1. Guest says:

    MELISSA: PLEASE ANSWER — Commercial and residential rents are skyrocketing, people are getting priced out by blog-spawned greed, traffic is horrible, real estate agents seem to be the only ones really benefiting from the changes on AK, and CHAIN STORES are coming in. I haven’t spoke to a single person who currently lives or works in Venice who wants or supports chain stores on AK so how did they get in? We the community do not want the commercial retail rents to be so high that only a chain can afford to be here, because once prices are up, no independent store can afford to come in again. Everything is changed and we become like any other community, or like a mall. MY QUESTION: How are YOU going to keep the existing fabric of this unique area from becoming overrun with chains past the point of no return? How are you going to keep the rents and home prices stabilized for those of us who have lived here for many years who don’t want to leave? We don’t need to support celebrities, they will come if they choose because they can buy anything anywhere, so how can we support regular, unique businesses, and regular people who make up the wonderful fabric of this community?

  2. Melissa says:

    Despite the growth, I think Venice remains and always will be extremely unique with independent focused retailers, restaurants and bars because of the amount of people that are so passionate that it stays that way.

    I believe the best way to keep our community well curated is to develop relationships with landlords so when institutions come to them about utilizing their space they feel comfortable discussing their options with us. Landlords are businesses too, growth and decline is enviable in every neighborhood but I am happy to do my best to work with land use and planning, ocean front walk, retailers, landlords and corporations wanting to come into Venice to ensure they support our ultimate goals as a community, get feedback on how all levels of business are doing and see what we as a community and city can do to create more win win situations.

    I have done numerous pop up shops and street vending. One dream of mine I have been working on for over 3 years now is alternative retail. i.e. working with landlords in unoccupied buildings to create affordable marketplaces while their properties are vacant + returning the daily bazaar/marketplace to US cities and neighborhood life. These are opportunities for locals to affordable sell their items daily.

    If we keep the focus on our local businesses and new ways to build and educate them, we will cultivate our own power players to compete and even possibly work side by side with other larger companies only for the benefit of our community.

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