Soriya Swimwear | Morning Chat w/ co-owner, Katarina Flickinger

Katrina, thanks for making time for us this mornin’!  How long have you & Soriya Co-Founder, Thyda, lived in Venice & why did ya’ll move here?
KF: Well, we’ve been roommates off and on for about five years- we started out in the Marina and moved up to Venice a couple years ago.  We’re both California girls and we love the beach lifestyle here in Venice.  We live in our bikinis, there’s pretty much a no-pants rule in our house.  Venice is a good place to get away with that sort of thing. 

WELO: What inspired you all to start Soriya Swimwear? & where does the name Soriya come from?
We wear bikinis pretty much every day and wanted the perfect bikini!  We started drawing, cutting, and sewing in our living room until we had some fits we just loved.  We wanted them to be bikinis we would wear- bikinis that didn’t cost too much, that stayed on, reversible for versatility, and comfortable with soft fabric.  So we made them! Soriya, pronounced ‘so-ree-yah,’ means ‘beaming sun’ in Cambodian, which is something we really love!  Thyda’s heritage is Cambodian and she wanted to bring a little of that to the brand.


WELO: What stores are you all currently in?

KF: We sell direct from our website,, as well as boutiques in California and Hawaii.  We also have a space in Brandy Melville’s pop-up store, John Galt on the 3rd Street Promenade, and we’re in Brandy Melville stores nationwide. 

WELO: That’s quite a bit of inventory to keep up on!, do you handmake all of your suits here in Venice?
While not all of the suits are made in our Venice home, they are all handmade with love in Los Angeles.  Our house looks like a little factory- there’s sewing machines, bins of bikinis, and a little office area.

WELO: So the Venice queens are on lock then, are there plans for a Soriya Men’s line at some point?
When men start wearing bikinis!  Well, maybe- let’s conquer one thing at a time.  It could happen!  We are expanding into more intimates- we have our Davy lattice-back bralette that is a top seller!

WELO: Haha, I gotcha, I gotcha… What advice do you have for someone out there who wants to start their own clothing line?
Do what you want to do- some one will like it!  Follow your heart, you can’t go wrong with being yourself.  Besides that, it’s all about wanting it bad enough and working hard.

WELO: I can agree to that. During your off-hours, what’s your favorite Venice spot to grab a beer?
We both love Hinano!  We’re there at least once a week grabbing a delicious burger!

WELO: What does a typical Sunday in Venice for you consists of?
Wearing our Soriya bikinis at the beach of course!  Meeting up with all our friends and riding bikes to the beach for a great beach day, maybe with a little Waterfront thrown in later.

Could you picture yourself in one? I’m sure you could.
Soriya Swimsuits are available today online at:,


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