One Rose that’s Superba! | New Snack Bar to Open on Rose, July 19th

There is just so much to do and see these days in Venice, that it seems every weekend is packed with things to do.  All the summer roses are in bloom and so are things on our very own Rose Ave, with Cafe Gratitude coming soon, and the Superba Snack Bar opening up next Thursday July 19th. Owner Paul Hibler of the Pitfire Pizza’s set his eyes on this location (533 Rose Ave), after the old property owners bailed, leaving it sitting pretty, permits intact and ready to go.  With a quick makeover, perseverance and some elbow grease, he got through it and we couldn’t be happier.

A San Francisco native turned eight year Venice Local, Paul is all smiles, good energy and full of Venice Love. He’s been wanting to open a place around the corner from his home to share some of his delicious bites with the locals. The Menu, an eclectic array of small dishes and handpicked items such as Chorizo Ricotta Meatballs, Charred Watermelon Burrata and Ocean Trout seem to fit perfectly with the growing Rose vibe. Friends and family style, the “soft” opening begins on Sunday, but you’ll have to be a local local to experience that!!
Superba Snack bar opens, 7-19,

A story by Mikki Sage

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