Distance | A short experimental film with a cameo from the Dick Clark, RIP

Right after film school someone asked me to shoot a quick interview with Dick Clark for an awards show. I said sure and after we shot the bit, I asked him if he would mind giving me a shot for my short film. He wasn’t too happy with it, but he obliged. He gave me one shot. I took it at his desk and he was on the phone. That became his cameo. I used it numerous times, the head, the tail, a flare in the lens, in reverse. In the end, he played the bookie, coming after the character who made a bet in the beginning. It was an experimental film, mostly in b&w, but it stands today. RIP Dick Clark.

Distance was shot with 4 different 16mm stocks, on 3 different types of cameras(Arri and Bolex). It stars Jon Berretr Ingels, Tara Ciabatonni and Dick Clark. The boxing footage was taken from a VHS tape of an HBO fight. It was written, produced, directed and edited by Ryan Philander. The music is Radiohead, Chopin, Brian Eno, Sigur Ros and Priesner. None of which was ever cleared.


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