The Honest Way | Interview on Jessica Alba’s natural essential product line, The Honest Company

Jessica Alba has been a familiar face on screen for the past 15 years, but when she became 7 months pregnant with her first child, She, like many mothers was riddled with confusion about which products were right for her newborn.  There were so many things to consider as a new mom, but what became most important to her was creating a healthy and non toxic environment for her child and family.

It was that type of focus and curiosity that lead Jessica to a book signing for Web MD contributor and Best-selling Author Christopher Gavigan, of Healthy Child Healthy World. Christopher a long time advocate for non toxic alternatives had a profound impact on Jessica’s decision to pursue a product line that was safe, environmentally friendly and effective for children.  Partnering with e-commerce experts Brian Lee and Sean Kane, the team joined forces to create a thoughtful alternative product line called Honest. WELO talks with the Santa Monica based company Co-founder Christopher Gavigan about the Honest way.

WELO: When did you meet Jessica or have you always known each other?
I first met Jessica in 2008 at a book launch party– she was a 7 1/2 months pregnant, and at the stage of great awakening and also great confusion.  She wanted to make changes for her family and her baby. When she started her research on products out there, she became perplexed and sadden by the reality of the market place and what was available.  How some products could be on store shelves today that were completely unregulated, and filled with preservatives, fragrances and colorants.  She and I connected on that level, we stayed in touch with her forging a connection to the idea of creating something better.

WELO: The Honest Company Launched on January 17, 2012  What was the time frame and process in creating this product line?
The process took well over 2 years, but it’s taken about a year to create our products. 95% of all our products except the diapers have plant based ingredients. We felt strongly about quality control, sourcing raw materials and creating relationships with trusted manufacturers.  There is so much thought that goes into creating a great product. We’ve got lavender which is an all natural fragrance, but it’s important to remember there are many types of lavender, different sources of lavender and many different ways lavender is produced. You really need to build trust with your contract manufacturers and be aware of where they are sourcing their materials.


WELO: What is the greatest thing you can offer your consumers?
Peace of mind. Parents have enough on their plates– they don’t need to also be a toxicologist. We want to bring trust and affordability right to there door.  We wanted to create an attractive line of products for the modern family, who are focusing not only on affordability but also on effectiveness.  One of the important points that Jessica stressed was that all of the products had to be affordable for the average family. In many ways she has achieved great financial success, but like many of us she grew up in a middle class household. Our products still need to be as effective as any other product on the shelf but do so with a non toxic, biodegradable, colorant free formula.

WELO: How many products are you offering and tell us about your door to door service.
We have 14 products in our essential line… so not only do we have diapers and wipes, but we also full household product line, from a multiservice cleaner to a non synthetic sunscreen— which is rare to find on the market.  When you sign up for our delivery service you can customize your order, so each month you can chose what  products you need to restock. We will eventually have a storefront for our products, but we created this concept with a door to door monthly schedule in mind. Parents don’t have time to run out to the store and get diapers at midnight, the fact that we can bring them direct to you, is part of the value we add to our customer relationships.

WELO: What is your hope for the Honest Company?
From a collaborate perspective we are grateful to connect with people who are so like minded. We want to constantly improve social awareness, as we feel a tremendous responsibility to help families find alternative solutions. Everything we do is a team effort, all the partners have a 100% participation on what goes into our products. If we sell products, great, but if we wind up educating parents on how to create healthier environments and happier children, then we’ve done our job, that’s really our big social mission.

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