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Last week in one of my rare east of the 405 adventures I headed over to the Echoplex to see Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  And while yes, they are a terrific band themselves, they are not the subject of this week’s Tune of the Week.  Seeing as the show was on a Tuesday night, the “maybe I’ll get to bed at a decent hour” hopes within me led me to arrive quite early – early enough to not just catch the opener, but the opener opener.  As most of us do when arriving to a show that early, I headed straight for the bar, and it was while ordering my drink that I realized I really, really liked what I was hearing. Enter: The One AM Radio.  Based out of Los Feliz, The One AM Radio has a very relaxed, very catchy, and very unpretentious sound.  Just enough of a beat to keep you interested, but also mellow enough to put you almost instantly at peace.

A Little Sample: The One AM Radio – Everything Falls Apart

I’ve spent the past week taking in the whole full-length Heaven Is Attached By A Slender Thread, and let me tell you it was tough to pick just one track to feature.  I ultimately settled on “Everything Falls Apart” because in my humble opinion it provides a really excellent snapshot of the band’s overall essence and sound.  A little bit electronic, a little bit pop, and a lot a bit awesome, I promise you won’t be able to listen to it just once.

Check out more from the band on their Facebook page, and hey while the song is playing – don’t forget to smile.


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