WELO Tune of the Week | Tunng – “Bricks”

No the title of this post isn’t me trying to type “tunes” again and falling asleep on my keyboard.  Tunng is the name of the self-described “experimental folk” band hailing from across the pond (that’s England).  What is experimental folk you ask?  Well I wasn’t sure myself, so I did a little research (read: I visited the band’s Facebook page) and discovered that it refers to their use of unconventional instruments as well as their electro influences.  Either way, I like what I hear – and isn’t that all that really matters?

My selection for the Tune of the Week comes from the band’s 2007 release Good Arrows – a lovely little track entitled “Bricks.”  While the band may be from the dark and dreary land of the United Kingdom, the catchy beat and melody gives this tune an almost Californian sound to it.  Even as I listen to it in the office, I suddenly imagine myself biking down the boardwalk.  And with this weather, I just might make that dream a reality this weekend.

Check out more from the band on Spotify or on their Soundcloud page.

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Born and raised in LA, Rachel has pretty much been obsessed with Venice all her life. Seriously. When she's not busting a move (and knocking into the pool table) at Townhouse she can be found riding her bike or struggling on her longboard somewhere in the vicinity of Abbot Kinney. She generally prefers SPF 30 or higher.

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