Top 12 | DJ Gina’s Fav Songs of the Year | A Christmas Mixtape

Whoa, is it really gonna be 2012 in a few weeks? Wasn’t it summer like, yesterday? If only time froze instead of fly when we are having fun. *sigh* All the awesomeness lived this year just makes me excited for next year! Is it just me or doesn’t it seem like life keeps getting better every year? Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite songs of 2011. You may have heard them before or never heard them at all. This is my Christmas gift to you. Cheers for the new year!

12. Fav Reggae Song: Ed Solo & Skool of Thought- Life gets better



11. Fav Hair Whipping Song: Metallica- Sad But True (Elite Force Revamp)



10. Fav Feel Good Song: Blind Melon – No Rain (Pumpkin Remix)

Mad props to Pumpkin for making this song all kinds of warm and fuzzy.


9. Fav Party Song: Jucachavezxx- Funkanomics



8. Fav Breakup Song: Blondie- Call Me (TheMessiah Remix)



7. Fav Latin Song: Bomba Estereo- Agua Sala


6. Fav Burning Man Song: Calvin Haris- Feel so Close (Nero Remix)


5. Fav Drug Reference Song: Benoit & Sergio- Walk and Talk



4. Fav Comeback Song: Le Le- Breakfast (Mercury Remix)



3. Fav R&B Song: The Weeknd- This Morning



2. Fav Mental Problem Song: AwolNation- Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)



1. Fav Air Humping  Song: Plump DJs- Hump Rock


There you have ‘em, another amazing year in music . I may play a few of these songs this weekend at the 12 DJs of Xmas party and trust me, hearing them in a Funktion 1 soundsystem is way better than any computer speakers. I know the holidays can be tough on the pocketbook so as a bonus hanukah gift, I will share this secret link that converts any youtube video to mp3:

Happy Holidays! enjoy!

About the author

Gina lived in practically every hood in L.A and it wasn't until she settled in Venice that she truly felt at home. Model, DJ and dancer, she's often referred to as a "Professional". When she's not making Burningman accessories or going to a burner party, she likes to play with Ableton, Serato and Traktor.


  1. Derek says:

    Nice list, however I hope you’re not seriously using a youtube->MP3 conversion site for tracks to play on a funktion one (let alone ANY) soundsystem…

    “All our conversions will be perfomed in high quality mode with a bitrate of at least 128 kBit/s.”

    This is bad.

  2. Chrissy says:

    no bitch, YOU’RE breakfast! thanks for the memories of bumping around the playa on the bed, singing everyone’s new favorite morning anthem. <3

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