Dating in L.A | FLING GIRL LA. A Graphic Novel Series: Q/A with Writer, Dina Gachman

Introducing FLING GIRL LA, A Graphic Novel Series by Writer Dina Gachman

If there’s one topic that Angeleno’s talk about more than the traffic, it’s LA dating culture and the difficulties of finding real love, let alone a decent date. More often than not you might find yourself overhearing someone’s rant about being stood up or, listening to a guy, regaling someone on his latest conquests . There are also those online dating sites too like Match.Com or OK Cupid that add fuel to fire on the dating scene. Los Angeles has become a mecca of real life dating stories and like many,  writer Dina Gachman found herself in this all too familiar landscape, newly single, living in Los Angeles and back in the dating market which she describes “a shock to her system”. Years later, finding herself unemployed, she decided to channel her angst onto a blog called Bureaucracy for Breakfast, which garnered a successful following. Now back in a steady relationship, she recounts the memories of her past dating life, in to a Graphic Novel Series called Fling Girl LA.

WELO sits down with the writer and co-creator Dina Gachman on her soon to be released Comic book series, a story about a girl who finds herself moving back to LA, newly single, and rediscovering the notorious dating world in Los Angeles.


WELO: Congrats on your Graphic novel, how exciting! When will It be released?
Dina: Thank you, it comes out Monday Dec 12th.

WELO: I met you a few years back when you were working at Inferno Entertainment, were you a writer then?
DINA: I’ve been writing for many years but not professionally. At Inferno I was a creative executive in Development, but after two years they started downsizing and I found myself unemployed. That’s when I started blogging Bureaucracy for Breakfast as way to express my thoughts on suddenly being unemployed.

WELO: Well it’s seems like their downsizing was the best thing that could have happened to you. Your blog has quite the following and has notable praise on NPR and AOL news. Is that what lead you to write Fling Girl?
DINA: Last November a friend encouraged me to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo’s), where you write a novel in 30 days. that’s when I wrote the book Fling Girl. It was inspired by my real life dating experience in LA after being in relationship for 7 years. This was a bit before Inferno, and after college. That time in my life was really challenging, LA is very special when it comes to dating. I had so many crazy dating stories, all my friends had dating stories. While working on the cover art for Fling Girl, after the contest, my longtime collaborator and illustrator friend Amy Saaed, suggested we turn Fling Girl into a Graphic Novel Series.  It was way more ambitious than either of us imagined but it’s taking off and now adding more layers to the idea.

WELO: So tell me about Fling Girl.
DINA: Maggie the main character is single and in the gaming world. she grew up playing dungeons and dragons, she’s shy yet still has a lot of fun. Then there’s Brooke who’s a surgeon who is in a live in relationship, and Cara who’s a power mom.  She has a wing girl and also a male friend who gets rich off being a blogger. Each series will introduce more characters and will have a new premise each month.

WELO: How does this all work and how often will it be available?
DINA: It’s a serialized monthly comic book about 8 pages long, that will be available on line every month for free. By the end of the year we will compile all the chapters and bind it into a physical comic book. I also want to incorporate places we actually hang out at, like Terroni, and really push the LA culture.

WELO: Do you have a publishing deal in the works?
DINA: We are slowly working on that. Right now we are just figuring out the game plan.

WELO: A month seems like a long time for people wait for a new story. How will you keep people interested?
DINA: We have TONS of DEALS and GIVE AWAYS which will be tied into the actual comic book. I think it’s also a way for people to participate and get to know the characters. Right now we are building our audience thru twitter, facebook and we trying to get subscribers.

WELO: I must say this is great comic book idea because the LA dating world needs a different take then what’s already out there. It sounds fun!
DINA: Yes, we are excited. We have a few fun things happening on the site where people can participate and sharing their dating stories, it called dating drama. We will probably have a party soon too just to get people out and for us getting to know our audience.

WELO: I wish you both much success! I’ll look forward to reading it.
DINA: Thank you!


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