WELO’s Top 10 Reasons To Be Stoked for December in Venice

As we roll back into the work week after a weekend of gorging ourselves, I can’t help but start to look toward the holidays.  With that in mind, I have compiled a list of the top ten reasons I’m super stoked (and you should be too) for December in Venice.

10. Abbot Kinney Winter Holiday Stroll – On December 4th Abbot Kinney temporarily transforms into a winter wonderland for the 2011 Winter Holiday Stroll.  Featuring special shop and gallery events, live carolers, and  “Winter Kidland” with Real Snow and the Claus man himself – the walk is a wholesome fun time for the whole family.
9. The Beach – I don’t know about you, but personally few things make me happier than going to the beach during the holidays.  After this weekend’s glorious weather I was reminded just how much fun it is to rub in the rest of the country’s face just how wonderful living in paradise is.

8. Local 1205 – Okay, to be fair Local 1205 is a block from my place so I’m a bit biased on this one.  I’ve been anxiously awaiting what will soon be the new biggest drain on my wallet for what feels like decades, and now the adorable bodega/café is FINALLY open.  In case you missed it, here’s our scoop on the joint.

7. Sunny Spot – Taking over the Beechwood space on Washington Blvd is Roy Choi’s (of the Kogi truck fame) Sunny Spot.  With a mouth-wateringly diverse food and drink menu Sunny Spot looks to be a fresh new breeze that Washington desperately needed (in my humble opinion anyway).  Nothing like getting a little hazy on cocktails with names like “Through the Looking Class” and “Imperial Fizz.”

6. PRESENTS!!! – I mean, duh.  I love presents.  Who doesn’t love presents?

5. The 18th Annual Venice Surf-a-Thon – On December 17th at Venice Breakwater is the 18th Annual Venice Surf-a-Thon.  A pro/am competition for surfers of all ages and board lengths, the local competition looks to give local surfers a chance to get their feet wet (pun intended) when it comes to competitive surfing.  Surf competitions in December?  Fine with me.

4. Ice Skating in Santa Monica – While I love spending my winters on the beach (see #9) I am also always a sucker for being able to partake in traditional winter activities without leaving the comfort of Southern California.  Which is why I love the adorable ice rink that sets up on the corner of 5th and Arizona each year in Santa Monica.  Yes the rink is often filled with kids who don’t quite understand the notion of skating in one direction, and occasionally it becomes more of a pool than an ice rink (there’s a reason these things are typically associated with snow), but hey it’s cute and festive and I love it.  Okay, fine this one techincally isn’t in Venice but it’s a bike ride away, so to me that’s good enough  - especially given the new bike parking I just spotted outside of the rink.

3. Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade - This is seriously one of my favorite things about living in Venice period – not just in December.  Every year the homes and bridges on the canals get outfitted with holiday decorations in honor of the annual holiday boat parade.  And let’s be real, there is perhaps nothing better than watching Santa float by on a canoe while you sip some cider on a twinkling bridge in the canals.  This year the judging for best home and bridge decorations will take place on December 10th, and the parade begins at 4:30pm on December 11th.

2. Air Conditioning at Townhouse - Guys.  This is BIG news. I mean I’m not shy about my feelings for Townhouse, it will always be my home away from home regardless of the temperature, but can I just say I FLIPPED OUT when I heard that the bar would soon be rocking some cooler breezes.  Cause while I love busting a move both upstairs and downstairs, I’m not quite as big a fan of the drippage I get afterwards.  Don’t believe me?  Check out their recent status update.  And an A/C party?!  I am so there.

1. Holiday Pub Crawls – Here it is, the number one reason I cannot wait for December.  HOLIDAY. PUB. CRAWLS.  Whether you’re organizing your own tacky sweater crawl, participating in the Naughty or Nice Crawl, or the SANTA Monica Pub Crawl, December never has a shortage of festively dressed alcoholics buzzing around the local bars at all hours.  Because that’s what the holidays are really about, right?  Bringing together large groups of over-grown children who just want to get their Santa and drink on.

And there you have it folks.  It’s gonna be a busy busy month.  So deck the halls, start mulling your wine, and brace yourselves – December’s gonna be a doozy.

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Born and raised in LA, Rachel has pretty much been obsessed with Venice all her life. Seriously. When she's not busting a move (and knocking into the pool table) at Townhouse she can be found riding her bike or struggling on her longboard somewhere in the vicinity of Abbot Kinney. She generally prefers SPF 30 or higher.

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  1. John says:

    The drinks at Sunny Spot don’t disappoint! Try the “Dry Harbour”.

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