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For the last 2 years, when folks would walk by the empty store front on Abbott Kinney right next door to the busy lounge bar The Other Room, you can always hear the whispered speculation about what might be the next shop to post up?  Though many of the old school Venetian’s have a lot of say about the ongoing face-lift on Abbott Kinney, most residents are simply happy that a new livelihood is continuing to flourish here in Venice.  New shops and eatery’s have come and gone during the two years that 1205 Abbott Kinney has remained boarded up, but finally, sometime early this year there were signs of life. Construction had started, and It had been announced on several neighborhood news publications, that Craig Weiss proprietor of the Other Room, and its famous father The Room in New York, was opening a specialty gourmet market called LOCAL 1205.

WELO chats with the vibrant and fast talking new yorker, Craig Weiss on the opening of Local 1205 this Monday November 21st.

WELO: So a gourmet market? How exciting!  I was excited to hear about LOCAL being open late night too. Is this true?

CW: Yes, We plan to open late night until 3am, but for the first few weeks it will only be open until midnight. Venice needs a late night place, there are no good late night places, like new york has. Venice neighborhood has a similar feel, and I want to bring that into the neighborhood.

WELO: A midnight option is still pretty amazing. There aren’t too many food joints open later than midnight, and a gourmet market is going to add so much variety, and serve the community just right.

CW: Definitely, Venice is changing in a good way. Better food offerings are on the horizon.

WELO: What was the inspiration behind LOCAL 1205.

CW: I’ve had the idea for about four years, it is inspired from my travels, a sorta Dean and Deluca of NYC, on crack. A type of establishment that is partially a slow food movement, partially organic, but will also feel luxurious in an informal way.  I want elegant foods, not only from Local California, but Local globally.

WELO: I love the design, the vintage lighting and the marble floors. What will you be serving?

CW: A combination of everything that I love. The front alcove here will have raw and pasteurized fresh juices and smoothies. I’ll be serving New York City Egg sandwiches, Fresh brewed coffee from a local place called Hansen’s Coffee, Artisanal products, Charcuterie, Retail items and much more. Eventually there will be a RAW BAR serving, Dungeness crab rolls, Smoked Fish, Langostino, Shrimp, Oysters… But we are still working on the money end of that design, and shipment of goods. We will be having Brazilian Style Pizza. I spent a lot of time in Brazil, and their pizza is a bit different, I want to offer that.

WELO: You mentioned Coffee bar? Isn’t there enough coffee on this block?

CW: (Chuckles), Just Fresh Brewed Coffee, No latte’s…. They can have their latte’s.   We’ll have fresh cut flowers, Roasting meats that are hand craved.  I also want to serve Kosher items from 2nd Ave Deli in New York, Hot Dogs and Salami from Katz Deli. Pastrami, Kielbasas, Roast Beef, Smoke fish from Russ and Daughters.

WELO: Wow, it all sounds amazing. Sounds like you’re bringing NYC to Venice. ( He Smiles).  I am looking forward to hanging out late night. and with the Market Gourmet on the other end of the block now out of business, this will cover it’s small void. Btw, I love the fresh cut flower idea! Good luck on the opening. One last question.. The date of the opening has charged several times, Do you really think you’ll open by Monday?

CW: If I pass inspection, yes.

When last texting with Craig. He had indeed passed inspection and is expected to open it’s doors today. Seeing is believing, but nonetheless, it’s much closer this time around, as we are all anticipating a late night hot spot, not to mention the combination of goodies he has in store.


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