OCCUPY ______ ?

#OccupyWall Street, #OccupyVenice, #OccupySesameStreet, #Occupy_____ … WTF is all of this about?


I’m not an expert by any means. I’m not an economist. I’m not on the stock market floor. I’ve never held stocks in Lehman Brothers or Goldman Sachs, etc. I haven’t been put out of a job or suffered a skyrocketing mortgage. What I do know, is the Occupy Movement has been getting a lot of attention, yet no one I asked could really tell me exactly what it is or what the participants want. I sat in on an Occupy Venice meeting and then I was even more confused. Maybe I just have asked the wrong people. What I do know is that it’s been getting a lot of attention. Maybe someone can tell me more?

What I have gathered from the minimal articles I have read and media I have seen, what The Occupy movement is, is the reaction of people, many of whom have lost their homes, jobs, and life savings due to the greed by very few in power. They are few, this 1%, but they are in some of the most important places in our economic system. Those people who were (and many still are), the CEO’s of major economic institutions.  Those heads and other influential business men on wall street, along with some who run/ran insurance agencies abetting their crimes amounting to white collar fraud. These heads, which have created and bolstered a system whereby greed ran, and continues to run rampant without repercussions. These are the people who gave themselves 124 million dollar bonus’, and the like, or sold their stocks in the weeks before their billion dollar companies crashed to the ground. They are still running the companies, and acting as our main political advisors. They are out politicking our politicians, because they maintain their jobs in the white house, even though their wall street jobs have imploded. And since our economy is so linked to the rest of the world, other economies are toppling as well.

I admire the fortitude of those who have participated. I sat in on an Occupy Venice meeting and my hat goes off to those people and all others Occupying throughout the country. What I don’t understand exactly is what is being protested, or what change it is wanting to incur. If people sit and chant, or hold signs saying their upset about inequality, shouldn’t it be to change a specific piece of legislature or have our economic “chiefs” resign. I feel it should be directed, otherwise I don’t exactly get it. I mean I do that all the time, maybe I should call it #Occupy MyLivingRoom or #OccupyMyHead. All I’m saying is that it should be directed towards something concrete, a change that we can see; something that will have a direct affect on our lives.

I suppose that one could argue that if there was some figurehead to the Occupy movement then he or she would become susceptible to the same type of in-pocket politics, or would give special appropriatization to various “Occupy causes” over others.

I don’t know where it goes from here, but I admire the fortitude and conviction, as well as the courage to stand together for something right.

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