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You look out over a sea of heads, bobbing with fierce anticipation for a bass drop that hits so hard it brings the crowd screaming and stomping into euphoria, you wonder what sort of maestro commands this crowd. With his recent base jumping, heart-stopping, ear penetrating performance at the King King, its clear that Venice Local Kraddy is a true master of the beats that make you go boom.

One of the founding members of the Glitch Mob and an originator of Glitch- Hop, Kraddy has now come into his own with his follow-up solo album and masterpiece INTO THE LABYRINTH. A true testament to his unique sound, this album is a milestone for a performer seeking the raw truth of his art. “We must enter the Labyrinth of our minds and at the center we find our greatest fears. To defeat those fears we must kill a part of ourselves. And in killing a part of ourselves we create the potential to grow into a more developed person.” Kraddy conveys.

WELO caught up with the Venice local for a more casual conversation about his music, the future of the underground and what it’s like to be a LA Westsider.

WELO: Hey Mathew, I wanted to start by asking you if you like being called Matthew, Matt or Kraddy?
KRADDY: You can call me any of the three. My nickname has been Kraddy for years – long before I was making music.

WELO: I’ve seen you around the neighborhood in Venice and at social functions..but you weren’t performing, are there any local Venice artists that stand out and inspire or influence your work?
KRADDY: I love living with all the artists in Venice. Some of my favs are the skaters at Vencie Beach Skate Park and all the graffiti writers in Venice. I love the renegade underground arts.

WELO: I have to say that I love the fact that a lot of the events on the West side are smaller and more intimate, do you think there is a bright future for the underground sound in Venice and Santa Monica? What would you change aboutthe West side that you think would help to promote more local talent?
KRADDY: I like that the westside scene is small and intimate. I wouldnt want it any other way. I love Revival in Venice. That’s always a great scene of interesting music and artists.

WELO: As one of the original innovators of Glitch, how has your unique sound evolved the genre?
KRADDY: I think other people could answer that better than me. I’m just always trying to push the envelope and take chances. I hope that inspires other people to do the same.

WELO: I just recently saw Lucent Dossier’s performance at the re-opening of the Palace 100th anniversary. During one of dance sequences It dawned on me that they are using a version of Into the Labyrinth. How did that collaboration come about and did you score any of the other music for the show?
KRADDY: I’m very close with the people in Lucent and they have been using my music for a few years now. I love seeing them perform to my songs – it gives me a new perspective on my own work. None of the music they use were scored to their performance but I’ve been talking to Lucent about writing music specifically for them.

WELO: As an avid fan and supporter of the of the festival circuit, I have come to realize that there really is a tight nit community in the glitch hop, breaks and dub step scene, everybody seems interconnected in some way. Would you say that this sort of grass roots fan support has changed the way that artists approach distribution and touring? How has this intimate relationship with your fan base changed that way that you perform?
KRADDY I love to talk to my fans and people who come out to shows and festivals. I don’t think much about the scene. To me it’s just people who love music. I know what it’s like to be an audience member so I do my best to deliver the most epic show possible.

WELO: While Napster affected a huge part of the music industry 10 years ago, it seems downloading music for free, more often than not these days has helped artist like you reach a level of population. Where do you see the future going with artists taking more direct routes to distribution and building ticket sales for event?
KRADDY: It’s exciting the way the industry is changing. I like seeing the big labels leveled by the progression of technology. I think we are at the beginning of a new way to share and listen to music. It’s exciting because anyone can put their music out now at a very low cost. In the end artists have more control over their careers and that’s always a good thing.

WELO: Who would you like to have remix Kraddy next? The Stephan Jacobs remix of Minotaur is super dope… Who would you want to remix?
KRADDY I would love to hear Trent Reznor remix one of my tunes and I would love to remix one of his.

WELO: BTW, thanks for melting my face off at LIB….. the fire balls were a deal breaker …
KRADDY: Thanks! Glad you liked the fire.

For more info on KRADDY and up coming performances, Please visit his website


Music video for Kraddy’s “Into the Labyrinth,” from the new Labyrinth EP available now through Alpha Pup Records.





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