WELO’s Top Five Hangover Brunches

After Saturday’s 4th of July party and Sunday Funday festivities, a hearty brunch is on the horizon. 5 WELO contributor’s decided to share their favorite brunch spots to help you get back on track. Hungover or not, these should cure the post morning empty stomach full of Jaegermeister & Tecate from the night before.


My favorite brunch would have to be old faithful, The Cow’s End. It’s healthy, the iced coffee is the best by The Pier, and the Big Bull Wrap puts a smile on my face. If your feeling light and more like a smoothie, I’ll put down a Banana Banger with soy protein.. The atmosphere outside Cow’s End is jolly and filled with local love no matter what day it is, but on a Saturday or Sunday in particular, the summer vibe outside seems even more full of life. The people watching is great, Dom and the fellas that work here are family, and if the line isn’t too long it’s definitely my go-to on any weekend or holiday morn/ early afternoon.


I hope it’s not too unpatriotic of me to say this on July 4th weekend, but nothing cures what ails me more than breakfast at a Mexican joint – and so my crawling spot of choice is, without fail, Baja Cantina. A sunny patio and self-serve chips keep me holding on until my breakfast arrives – and that breakfast is their bacon-and-avocado filled egg sandwich. But the real bonus with a Baja breakfast? $1 bloody marys or mimosas if you order off the breakfast menu  (fair warning, their bloody mary is particularly spicy). Finally, my favorite part of brunch at Baja? Before I know it, it’s afternoon and totally appropriate to switch to a margarita – and I haven’t had to move an inch.



Let me preface this by saying that drinking Mercede’s amazing sangria with a group of friends on a gorgeous, sunny day is the reason I originally moved to Venice. 4 years later, and it’s still my favorite place to go on Sunday morning after a long weekend. Pretty much everything on the menu is good depending on what you’re craving, but my favorite is the Two Two Two with Cinnamon Raisin Banana pancakes. Grabbing a table outside with friends, ordering a pitcher of sangria, and watching as the rest of Venice stumbles out of their homes in search of food somehow always makes me feel better again.


Let’s be honest. If a few of you aren’t hung over on Sunday or Monday morning, the WELO fam won’t feel we’ve done our job.

That being said, if you’re gonna spend your Sunday morning with your head down on a table, you might as well do it with the comfort of a gentle breeze on the Boardwalk at Figtree’s Cafe. While their whole menu should help combat all those residual stimulants kicking around your insides, hunker down with the smoked turkey omelette with guacamole, feta, roasted red peppers, or the multigrain “Nuclear pancakes,” some of my favorites just about anywhere in LA. Chase with a Bloody Mary, mimosa, or ice coffee, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. After all, we’re throwing our little bash on Saturday solely in order to give you a day of rehab before Monday. (Don’t say we don’t take care of you.)


Best Hangover Brunch non-alcohol:  Cafe Buna @ Washington and Lincoln.  Any of the food is good, but true bliss is the pineapple, banana, coconut smoothie!  Its like heaven in a glass.

Best Hangover Brunch: Let’s be honest, the best hangover brunch is a little hair of the dog.  Nothing cures a hangover like mimosas and greasy food.  it might be a little low budget, but for my money its C&O at the beach.

A concept I stole from someone, can’t remember who, the breakfast appetizer.  Often you want the crazy double stuffed french toast, but not as a whole meal.  Agree on one thing sweet, order it first, everyone gets whatever they want as a normal meal.

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Laura is a lover of all things Westside. As a bike commuter, she is naturally limited to finding everything you need west of Lincoln - and is perfectly happy with that. Laura can almost always be found somewhere between the Farmer's Market and Hinano/Whaler/Baja/Waterfront on any given Sunday.


  1. i have never had food at the cow’s end! i’m usually just there for something quick since my dog is parked outside; good to know!

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