Top Ten #Venice Beach Tweets of the Week

Ashley McDonald
ItsAshMac I wake up everyday wanting to be back in Cali walking down Venicebeach <3
_GGeraldine Reggae music dj, venice beach private party, beer, sand, good vibes, nice ppl! Good saturday if u ask me #SummerTimeFine
Tony Vera echevarria
tonyvera Tony Vera echevarria New venice beach fun video Street Hip Hop Beats at the Graffiti Pit venice beach ca…
Joshua Woollen
JoshuaWoollen A Very Venice Father’s Day: Art by local Jay Kelly + James Beach breakfast.
Tiago de Abreu
TdeAP Video | Chase Paints Venice Beach: Click here to view the embedded video. “Belgian aerosol artist Chase just pai…
Freedom Riders
freedomriders we are having an amazing surfing week in Venice Beach. Kanoa crew rocks and the kids are having the time of their life !
Natasha Wilson
TashWilson Natasha Wilson Dreaming of those Rolla blades along Venice beach… #soon
DudeWithMixed a bf & gf are fighting. Girl: Are you paper? Boy: Why? G: cuz you’re sheet! sheet! B: Are you Venice? G: why? B: Cuz u’re a beach!beach!
Kimberley Thomas
kimlovesba Hoping to go to venice beach today. just need to figure out how to get there. their tube map and bus map are rolled into one. messy!
Matt Biddulph
mattb cracking open a bag of Intelligentsia Black Cat that I brought back from Venice Beach.



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