Exclusive Interview | Flaming Lips lead singer, Wayne Coyne

Last week the Flaming Lips played two sold out shows at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. (An unofficial 3rd show was held at sunrise, with Edwarde Sharpe, in a more acoustic vein; with the Lips’ Bass player opting for the Bells of the graveyard instead of his usual fare)  The last of these shows was one week ago, and it was something frontman Wayne Coyne told us they “had only done twice before”, that being covering of the great Pink Floyd Album “Dark Side of the Moon”. The Flaming Lips have always made music that is more on the side of “concept album”, than commercial.  A hit making machine they are not (except for that one stint when they played The Peach Pit on the original “90210″) but it’s in my opinion ”Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” is the Lips’ seminal concept album. It’s an amazing accomplishment and still holds up today and most likely will 10 to 20 years from now.

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Interview with lead singer, Wayne Coyne

I caught up with Wayne Backstage and asked him a few questions before letting him back to the rest of the fans. And by backstage, I mean sitting on a bench surrounded by gravestone, those including Joey Ramone and Marilyn Monroe.   He was kind enough to entertain my slightly substance and booze induced line of questioning. Have a listen to the audio link.



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