Video | Jane’s Addiction plays “Jane Says” at E3 Live

Last night, at the Sony E3 expo, where all the new Sony Playstation video games and products for the year are unveiled; the surprise musical guest was Jane’s Addiction. Janes’ members grew up in Venice and are probably the biggest band to come out of Venice since the Doors. They play these corporate events for the $, as gamers are not their primary fan base.  50 feet from the stage fanboys played the latest games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, not yet out on the market. I heard one of them say to another, “Who is this?”, (referring to the band) his buddy replied “I don’t know”, then they went back to shooting wizards with some new interactive bow and arrow feature. I personally stopped playing video games after I locked myself in a dark room and beat “The Legend of Zelda”, and at the same time lost a summer of my childhood. WELO was able to get up close and personal for “Jane Says”, have a look.


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