Gjelina Take Away now Open | Interview with Chef/Founder Travis Lett

It’s true folks, arguably one of Venice’s most popular restaurants, Gjelina, is now offering a Take-Away Service. With a Breakfast Sandwich (only $5) so good it’ll leave you speechless along with an array of side salads & sandwiches that already have people lining up daily for a taste of the Pork Meatballs, it’s no wonder Gjelina’s Take Away is causing such a stir.

We decided to get the inside scoop and sat down with head Chef/Founder Travis Lett, to find out his philosophy behind his new concept and more sorrounding GTA.

“The idea is to take some of the chefly-ness out of food, it’s really just everyday items, pizza’s, salads, sandwiches. We’re really focusing more on the building blocks, baking the bread, making our own pickles, making our own jams, making our own biscuits, but everyday things, very casual. More everyday stuff that your grandma might make, but sourced really well and conscientiously “

Travis’ philosophy on food is really quite simple. “Source conscientiously, buy the best quality products humanly possible, and try to get out of the way of it a little bit… We’re in southern California. I have access to some of the best produce, seafood, free range meats, organic product available anywhere in the nation; we’re in the bread basket, as you know here, and of America and let that stuff speak for itself, highlight it and not fuck it up, honestly. We’re presenting it as it is; and I think there is a lot of beauty in that and a lot of elegance” says Travis Lett.

The menu is handwritten daily, the prices are affordable, & the line moves super quick.

If you haven’t gone yet, Go!

Gjelina Take Away
1429 Abbot Kinney Blvd
8-11 Breakfast sandwiches and Patries
11-4 Lunch

Chef Travis Lett

Outside Gjelina

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  1. Kim says:

    I seriusly did not like this place. The food wasn’t simple it was bland and boring. Whatever European inspiration there is gets lost in translation. Overrated, hyped and expensive.

  2. Jason says:

    now open for dinner, too.
    7a – 9p

  3. Jason says:

    now open for dinner, too. 7a – 9p

  4. Jhanlyod says:

    I love your blog, and hats are dear to my heart. I have 13 custom made ones. All of them from here in Texas. The hat on hare is great! thkans for the post.

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