| The Best Way to Raise Money for your Green Project

Looking for ways to fund your weekend Go Green or Eco project in the neighborhood? Local resident, Molly Rasmussen just may have your solution. The Answer? A fundraising site for socially responsible projects and businesses, is now actively seeking proposals. To GreenFunder, green is “anything with good intentions.” Projects can range from simple student fields trip to complex green business start-ups. The site is designed to help anyone — entrepreneurs, nonprofits, teachers, or kids — get the funding they need.

Individuals and organizations can test, market, fund, and sell their projects, products, or events, risk-free, and retain 100% ownership. Projects are featured as campaigns, each with a funding goal and a deadline. Each campaign offers rewards to their funders — products, experiences, and/or recognition — at different funding levels.

People who visit the site will be able to both explore projects and shop for rewards. Projects will be featured and recommended by location, making it easy for funders to help friends and neighbors while supporting their local economies. Projects go live and funding starts on Wednesday, May 25! Bring your green idea to life. Finally..

GreenFunder co-founder Molly Rasmussen grew up in Maui, Hawaii and with a degree from Cornell University, moved to Venice, California where she worked as a swimwear designer for 6 years. She found swimwear production to be environmentally unfriendly and watched production move overseas. Molly considered producing her own product line but start-ups are expensive and risky. The recommended practice is to develop an idea, write a business plan, get a loan or investors, make the product, and then see if people want to buy. Looking for a better solution, she and her co-founder and online entrepreneur, Stason Strong, created GreenFunder, a site that eliminates the expense and risk while helping the environment and local communities.

Rasmussen says, “Instead of developing a business plan, looking for investors and loans, producing and then testing the product, GreenFunder allows you to test and market your product before spending a dime. We love GreenFunder because anyone can use it — individuals or groups, businesses or nonprofits — to get their ideas off the ground.”

Rasmussen says, “Every person has ideas to help make the world a better place. I’m so happy to offer a tool that allows people to see those ideas through to fruition.” (

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