WELO’s Top 5 Coachella Acts to check out this week | 8 days & counting….

KILO /// Before moving onto the section below, you should know that I’m not a music critic nor trying to be one. I do not read a single word on Pitchfork nor any other music blogs because I simply have no desire to read full length articles about music. But I can assure you that I love listening to it. Like many of us out there, music starts my day and ends my night.

Knowing my outstanding credential in music as described above, WELO approached me to write a weekly article about the lineup in Coachella 2011. It is simply due to the fact that I do this rather strange thing prior to hitting up a music festival; I go through all the bands in the lineup in an alphabetical order and listen to them on YouTube. Yes, I take music festivals very seriously.

Here are a few suggestions. Now, don’t get all pissed off and criticize me because I skipped some of the hottest bands you are so in love with. Obviously I’m not here to reassure your taste in music. And, if you are Kayne West’s fan, please fuck off.


One Day as a Lion

“Wild International”

I like it because:
Rage Against Machines + The Mars Volta = Epicness

I might end up at this band’s tent if:
I want to validate the equation above.




I like it because:
I was on drug.

I might end up at this band’s tent if:
I am dying for some sort of “Pursuit of Happiness”-ness.



“No Turn Unstoned” (Live)

I like it because:
Obviously I’m into psychedelic.

I might end up at this band’s tent if:
I just ate the whole bag of it and I am about to find out what they mean by “Shpongle presents Shpongletron Experience”




“Kill Everybody:

I like it because:
it’s been playing in my head on the 101 South on every morning.

I might end up at this band’s tent if:
it’s a must that I check out a dubstep tent at some point.


Honorable Mentions:

Twin Shadow

“Castles in the Snow”



“Summer Song”


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