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As a DJ, the search for music is constant and never ending. Exploring far and wide on blogs, record stores, music sites, downloads, itunes, magazine reviews, beatport, etc etc etc. If you do this for a living, you know how endless it is. I often refer to searching for music like mining for gold. While Im digging (and digging) I sometimes (too often) come across songs that stop me dead on my tracks. did I just hear that? are you kidding me? and worse of all are people really dancing to this? Its amazing what basslines, pop synths and bad lyrics can do.

Below I’ve compiled a small list of terrible songs for your enjoyment and listening [diss]pleasure. You may not agree with me, thinking these songs are a magical gift sent from the musical heavens, but I assure you, these songs could make grown men weep, babies cry and puppies howl. But that is my opinion after all, and as they say, one persons trash is another persons treasure.


1. Annoying chorus song- The fusion of mainstream hip-hop and electronic music is happening more and more by the day, and although it can be a good thing, it can also be very annoying. There is one producer that comes to mind and despite the flack he’s gotten from underground DJs for selling out and becoming mainstream, most of them would probably do the same thing if they had the chance.  David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas, David Guetta and Akon, David Guetta and Flo Rida, David Guetta and Kid Cudi, David Guetta and your mom, David Guetta and… well, you get the idea.. Lets hope his collaboration trend goes the way of the parachute pants… all because of this annoying song.



Let me bend over while you grab my love handles? More like bend over and hurl, then go strait to the bar for a drink. Way to clear the dancefloor!


2. Annoying song you cannot get away from. You’ve heard it. Its all over the radio, being shoved down your ear sockets. You’ve probably grown to love it by now. Basically, heres the situation lets do some fornication. Honey badger could probably come up with better lyrics. Like a bad case of herpes, this man just wont go away.

Enrique Iglesias: I hated you growing up when you sang in Spanish, and yet you followed me into America to sing really bad songs. I loved watching you in that one movie you did with that one guy, so can you do us a favor and just have babies with that hottie tennis girlfriend of yours? Stop clogging up the airwaves. Thank you.


3. Annoying DUBSTEP song. Heard enough of it yet? Thanks to producers like Rusko, and Skrillex, it has taken over the airwaves, dancefloors, and music festivals, making its way into commercials and movies. Why you ask? Number of things, actually. It has elements of many genres: breaks, techno, dub, reggae, hip hop, drum n bass and even rock. Its extremely easy to dance to and involves little effort: head nodding, ocasional fist pumping and grinding the same way you do with hip hop. Within dubstep however, there is a particular genre that has spawned called brostep or bruvstep for my UK friends. I personally like it better than the traditional dubstep because of its slightly faster, dancier, more jump up nature of hype bass party music which you can “bro” out to. It’s probably smearing dubstep’s rep, like this next song will help elaborate:



Lil’ John you said it best: “WHAT?”


2. Annoying Song that is barely forgiven. Oh Snoop. You were once the inovator of all things rap and hip hop. What happened? Did you get tired of click clackin, pistol-packin, hip hoppin beats? I thought you said  you keep comin up with funky a** shit like every single day! Have you also fallen victim to the top 40 dance music trend? Will your new direction be the end of the old gansta the world has grown to love?



Snoppster: I can’t blame you for following the David Guetta trend like every other rapper out there. I know you will never tire of making bootys shake and tities bounce. I have faith in you Dee Oh double G, you are still the man.


1. Most Annoying Song of All Time- If you’ve been sitting under a rock and haven’t heard of  Rebecca Black, today is your [un]lucky day.  If you’re also wondering why her voice sounds like a robot chipmunk, its this nifty program called autotune that magically makes your voice in key. So if you wernen’t born with the vocals of Cristina and Beyonce, not to worry! Just look at Britney and Rebecca. Thank you technology,  and here I never thought I would dread a Friday.



Great. Now it will be stuck in my head. The best part of this song is watching all the video spoofs.


There you have it, the musical hater in me. In this ever growing world of musical technology, gone are the days of big studios, record deals and real talent. Fortunately for the talentless the future is bright with laptops and microphones, myspace and youtube sensations. Never a dull moment! I may just be as LCD once said, “loosing my edge”.

If you want to hear really good music, come to Main on Main tonight. I’ll be DJn Dirty Thursday. I may take  you up on your request, just don’t ask me for David Guetta.

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Gina lived in practically every hood in L.A and it wasn't until she settled in Venice that she truly felt at home. Model, DJ and dancer, she's often referred to as a "Professional". When she's not making Burningman accessories or going to a burner party, she likes to play with Ableton, Serato and Traktor.


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