Banksy drops piece in Venice by the Pier?

A couple of days ago a Bansky like piece appeared on the back side of our favorite corner store Nick’s,  located at the corner of Washington and Pacific, just a few yards from The Venice Beach House. It appears that for the time being, Bansky could still be in town throwing up some more of “his” or possibly “their” art as speculation continues to grow that BANKSY could very well be the work of not only one person, but the work of a large group of artists all crafting the same style.


The piece is titled “Street Thinker”, which is possibly a wink at Rodin’s “The Thinker”. Banksy has referenced Rodin’s work in the past with a pop up sculture he placed underneath a bridge in his home abode of London. This piece very well could be a fake, but the detail makes us believe it could possibly be real at the same time. Less than 24 hours ago, this piece was still intact. Unfortunately someone has since peeled most of it off,  leaving only part of what was whole. Maybe it was an employee of Nick’s, who didn’t realize he was stripping down the work of arguably the most famous and relevant artist on the planet. Or perhaps it’s a greedy bastard who wanted it for his own; either way it’s a shame.

{As it stands today}

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  1. OG says:

    Also of note, that is not a Banksy.

    Nice try newsboy but epic fail since you don’t have a clue about art.

  2. Nick says:

    Its not even a Bansky. Banksy does stencil not paste ups.

  3. Cool Hand Luke says:

    Banksy or Not.. Fakesy, whomever it is.. ..I love the buzz and recognition Street Art is finally getting! This shit is great!

  4. ryphil says:

    We debated wether it was or not also; the style is his, but also various copy artists. And Banksy does do paste ups. I know some about art “OG”. With such strong opinions u should write a piece for WELO. Thanks for reading.



  5. street art hype says:

    not a Banksy.

  6. JDubya says:

    theres another stencil just down speedway on the corner of speedway and anchorage. It says “SPAM”
    Its on the east side of the street on a beige wall shoulder height just before you hit Anchorage.

  7. imloose says:

    a fake banksy such as this is def in the spirit of banksy…haha! i imagine at some point these will become as common as tags, and wont even raise eyebrows…”banksy who?” hehe

  8. ryphil says:

    Looks like most likely this is actually the artist known as “SPAM”, who has been known to drop similar stencils to Bansky. More of his art is all over the rest of Speedway, and other parts of LA. Still diggin on the street art vibe. WELO

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