National Puppy Day: Save a Life, Better Your Own

It seems there’s a holiday for everything nowadays: this March alone, we’ve already commemorated pancakes, maple syrup, steak & blowjobs… and that’s just breakfast! That being said, March 23 marks National Puppy Day.

Now I’m not one to belittle the most important meal of the day. Irish snake charmers or loading up on protein (heh), but let’s be honest— there’s no joy like coming home from a long day at the office to a waiting pair of beady eyes, wagging tail, and wet nose. But seeing as I’m currently on the hunt to adopt a pooch of my own (don’t for one second think “WeLo” isn’t in the running for possible names), I can’t stress enough the importance—and benefits—of adopting. With shelters overcrowding at an alarming rate and challenging economic times forcing owners to give up their animals, it’s only right to give loving homes to the dogs who need them most. Aside from saving hundreds of dollars—thousands, even—you’re saving a life, while exponentially enhancing your own. (You don’t need a deranged celebrity to tell you that’s “winning.”)

So whether your mug’s off-limits or open for business when it comes to big slobbery kisses, give the puppies below a gander: all are currently available for adoption (as well as dozens of others) through respected Westside adoption agencies & WeLo friends Karma Rescue and Take Me Home.

Belle Starr






(Honestly, how can you say no?!)

Karma Rescue holds adoptions on Saturdays from 11-3 at Petco in Westwood (1873 Westwood Blvd).

Take Me Home holds adoptions on Sundays from 11-3 at 2803 Main Street in Santa Monica.

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