Happy Birthday The Otheroom! 6 Years young… still going strong…

When I first entered the unknown high wooden doors of this darkly lit bar six years ago, I was instantly captivated by the NYC minimalism vibe.  With Indie music blasting, lovers share intimate moments in nestled corners, old and new friends discuss their latest ‘projects’ in the surrounding lounge areas and newbies walk in unsure if they  are in the right spot. It has been a much desired element to this already eclectic Abbot Kinney neighborhood.  Cozily situated on the corner of San Juan Court, it’s easy to miss the bar if you don’t keep your eyes open for the faint black and yellow sign.

To think how fast time flies.  Ahh…the memories.  This week marks The Otheroom’s 6th anniversary! This place has become the epicenter of local hangouts; from the eccentrics, men in black, film stars and starving artists.  East coast transplants desperate to find a place they can relate are sent to this place by the nicer kind of Angeleno (usually spotted on the Westside with a big smile) and instantly they too make this place their new abode.

You can almost always see the successful creator, Craig Weiss, roaming the room with a beer in hand chatting it up with his clientele and friends. Craig’s vision started over a decade ago when year after year he created five cozy sanctuaries, three in NYC, one in Miami Beach and right here in our wild hood, Venice Beach.  THANK YOU CRAIG.

Laid back eye-catching bartenders with their unique individual style, (mainly tee’s and jeans) line the long bar serving only the best handcrafted beer and boutique wines. So for all you hard liqueur lovers and hungry stonies you won’t find that here.  And good F’N luck trying to flirt or have a conversation with them. They are too busy serving it up to the packed room full of thirsty vampires. They rarely make eye contact, so shout your order and they will pass you a drink.  Is that not what you are there for? Besides that hot piece of ass of course, eye balling you across the way.  Don’t get offended if there’s any attitude.  I mean, isn’t that what Venice is all about?  Being real? We love you but we don’t need to tell you it every day for you to believe us.

This coming Friday March 4 is The Otheroom’s 6 year anniversary party.  See you there.

Open nightly from 5pm-2 a.m. every day

1201 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA 90291

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I have kept my east coast wit while attaining a laid back Cali vibe for almost a decade now. And although I don't stay complacent very long anywhere, some universal pull has kept hold of me by the ass cheeks and forced me to fall in love with this doubtful eclectic city full of promise and broken flowers. I am here to change it's dirty perception from the outside world through voice and enforce some good will on people.

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    March 3rd birthdays are SO much beter

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