Event of the Week: Chicks with Decks this friday at AREA 33 | EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with DJ SYRENA


Chicks with Decks has quickly shown to be one of the favorite monthlies in the LA UG music scene. WeLo was fortunate enough to sit down with with DJ SYRENA, a recurring resident of CWD. She’s been repeatedly recognized as one of the hottest female DJ’s by the Los Angeles Times, URB, and BPM.  DJ Syrena has been rocking dancefloors in the US and internationally since late 1999. Syrena’s sound is bold, sexy and confident, spinning everything from Electro, House, Techno, to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. She is a master mixologist, gifted with a natural ear for music, dividing her time between live performances, and the sanctuary of her recording studio.

She has been a host, producer and DJ of several live, interactive web TV shows including “The Sweet Spot” and “Kush Queen Radio”. Holding virtual online dance parties engaging 40,000+ viewers every episode.

WeLo: How did you get started in this field?

DJ Syrena: I started out promoting and producing events in the fashion industry, and booking DJ’s to play at the events.  I simply felt the music in my bones and would party-rock the crowd. It was a natural progression to get into the music side of things, and I saw DJ’ing as a good stepping stone into producing my own music.

WELO: Is there pressure?

DJ Syrena: There is always pressure to do your best, the most important thing to remember is to have fun.

WELO: I cannot stress that enough! How do you prepare for a big gig?

DJ Syrena: Usually I consider the type of event and audience I am playing for, download some new tunes, and prep my set by practicing which tracks work well together. From there I have in my mind how I want to build my set, and also have options depending on how the crowd reacts.

WELO: People associate Djn with partying,  but tell us something about it that we would never know.

DJ Syrena: The act of dancing has always been a source of therapy for me, I can really work out a lot stress and issues just by losing myself in the music, while simultaneously  finding myself again. I guess that is why I am compelled to be involved on the other side of it, to give back and share in the common human experience of celebrating life.

WELO: We LOVE to dance! How about your road to production, has it been a long one?!

DJ Syrena: It’s been a long one. Ive been educating myself in every aspect from the software, engineering, recording, writing and vocals.  Last year saw my 1st official remix released on Playloop Records, and now working with a UK artist to release some co-productions this summer, in addition to my ongoing solo work.

DJ Syrena at AC Supperclub

WELO: Kuddos for that “do you believe in angels” remix! With so much music out there, how do you feel a DJ/Producer can separate him/herself from the rest?

DJ Syrena: Thank you. There are different variables ranging from style, sound, skill, personality, and celebrity. The DJ’s I tend to respect are ones that have a unique sound, can craft a set that really makes me move, and produce great music.
WELO: how does being a female dj different than being a male one?

DJ Syrena: Well it’s hard to say since every DJ is artistically different in their own right.  I will say that for as long as women have been in this industry, I’m happy to see more breakthrough artists, but if you look at any Top 100 DJ poll, it is still 98% dominated by men. Clearly, women DJ’s do face a greater challenge to be recognized, but I also believe that as more women enter the industry, more inroads will be made.  It’s a lot like the world of politics.

WELO: Thanks so much for granting us this interview! One last question, tell us what you LOVE about Venice?

DJ Syrena: I love rollerskating on the Venice Beach Boardwalk & meeting up with my friends on Abbot Kinney for First Fridays!

Catch her spinning tomorrow night at the return of Chicks with Decks at Area 33. 21+ 10PM-6AM


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Gina lived in practically every hood in L.A and it wasn't until she settled in Venice that she truly felt at home. Model, DJ and dancer, she's often referred to as a "Professional". When she's not making Burningman accessories or going to a burner party, she likes to play with Ableton, Serato and Traktor.

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