Venice resident, Lindsay Lohan snatches necklace… “huh?”…



Hide yo rings! Hide yo ice! Hide yo self-tanner because Lindsay Lohan is snatching up everything out here!

The troubled actress is the subject of a police investigation after high-end Venice Beach retailer Kamofie & Co filed a police report accusing La Lohan of stealing a $2500 necklace.  The evidence?  Surveillance footage of the Mean Girls star wearing the necklace in the store and a photo of her wearing it a week later. Really, Lindsay?  Were you that desperate to get your name in the news that you had to swipe a necklace?  Couldn’t you just get knocked up like Kate Hudson?  Grand theft is a felony, girl, and you are already under probation for drunk driving/possession/assaulting a Betty Ford employee/stealing a fur coat at 1oak/failing your drug test/wearing those hideous hair extensions.

Of course, Lilo claims that she was “just borrowing” the necklace. We here at Welo care about our fellow Venetians and hope this is all one big misunderstanding, but all signs point to SUPER GUILTY.   Either way, it looks like Lindsay Lohan is more likely to be locked up than a hooker in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room.

Story by Jaime Reznick
Welo Gossip Correspondent


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  1. Jeff says:


  2. Phillip C says:

    she can rob me anytime

  3. Beau says:

    Im confused. If the store is selling a $2500 necklace….thats the kind of necklace you have in a glass case behind the register. If Lindsay asked to try it on…would they notice her leaving with it? Just saying.

  4. Cool Hand Luke says:

    Seems fishy to me… or maybe she just forgot the fact that she hasn’t made a hit movie in 7 yrs and doesn’t have that star power*** anymore – Can’t just walk in and wear something out of it.. unreal!

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