“Coachella 2011 Artist Preview: Beardyman…Believe the Hype”

Not since, Rahzel, has a beatboxer made such an impression on me like the UK’s very own Darren Formean, also known to us as Beardyman, has in the past year. It was seeing beatboxer Rahzel play live that impressed Foreman that beatboxing could sustain a whole show rather than simply provide interludes within the context of a broader presentation. Armed with a keyboard, an effects pad, & his own voice he’s dissected, cut up, split apart, and spit out some of today’s greatest songs.. from Teardrop by Massive Attack to Stevie Wonder classics to Aphex Twin. And the kicker.. HE’S GOOD. REAL GOOD.

What immediately hit me was his amazing & inate ability to be able to tap into any beat, artist, genre, melody, & person(ality) without almost hiccup in doing so…After listening to hours of Beardy’s music and live performances, I almost want to classify the whole thing as Schizolectrohiphop, but the truth of the matter is you can’t classify, Beardy nor his style. He’s in a class of his own.

his newest Essential Mix (BBC) released Jan 25..
Playlist can be seen here

Coachella Performance:
Date: Friday, April 15
Stage: TBD

A few more of our favorites:

Aphex Twin attacked by bumble bees

Massive Attack “Teardrop”

Stevie Wonder meets Dubstep


Follow Beardy’s Tweets: http://twitter.com/#!/beardyman
Beardy’s My____  Page: http://www.myspace.com/beardyman
Beardy’s Wiki Page:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beardyman

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