“What would you do/give for Coachella tickets?… 3 goats maybe”

Let the “What would you do, give, or pay for Coachella tickets” games begin! …Coachella has officially SOLD OUT, friends.. I know, I know.. You were getting ready to pick up a pair on payday this Friday & then Sammy “the Dickhead” Scalper decided to get ahead of the line and scoop up 20 ahead of you..Have no fear though, there are many ways to get tickets this year! …. You know those 3 goats you have tied up on Speedway Ave for no reason at all other than it’s “cool” to have pet goats..Well your calling is here… You can offer those 3 goats for 1 Coachella ticket like a dood on Craigslist decided to ask for.. or in his words “I love Kanye but my cheese production is way down”…… Or on a more realistic tip you’ve got the KCRW pledge drive which will be offering up tickets from now until Mid-April, Various radio & online contests(beware of imposters though), beg-borrow-steal (we don’t recommend either of those), but you get the point…..keep the hope alive! ..

How did this sellout happen so fast? I mean, 9 days!, really? ….Our good friends over at Downcast Music has explained it best //

A few factors at play here. One, since the festival didn’t sell out in 2008 (the first time since 2003), concert organizers have been increasingly adding mainstream blockbusters to the lineup (last year found Jay-Z atop the bill supported by Muse, Gorillaz and LCD Soundsystem). This year, they really outdid themselves throwing Arcade Fire, Kings of Leon, the Strokes, Black Keys, Chemical Brothers, Animal Collective, the National and Kanye West in big print on the bill. Seriously, any two or three of those would have sufficed.

Also, big acts are more anxious than ever to join festivals since it’s so hard to tour on their own. In the January edition of Rolling Stone, they announced, “concert biz collapses as fans flee.” Artists from Rihanna and Christina Aguilera to the Eagles had to cancel or re-work tours. And there were “shocking” numbers to show how bad things got.

In 2010, concert attendance dropped 12 percent, which led to a 25 percent crash in concert revenue and a 14 percent plunge in total shows. In North America alone, concert revenues were down 26 percent. (Reuters) One of the few bright spots? Festivals.

“Festivals boomed,” reported Rolling Stone, with Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza jumping in attendance. One concert industry exec told the magazine, “people would rather spend $250 to $400 for a festival like Coachella and see 30 acts than spend $150 to see two or three acts.”

The takeaway here is simple. Most of the acts you’re going to want to see are going to be at festivals. Most of the acts everyone wants to see are going to be at festivals. So buy your tickets early. Don’t wait for your friends to confirm, for hotel rooms to get booked or whatever. Buy your tickets (before the scalpers do) and sort the rest out later.

We’ll keep an eye out on tickets for everyone as well as the desperate measures people are going to go through to get their hands on tickets to the Greatest Music Festival in the western hemi…

What would Pookie do for a Coachella ticket?

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