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Organic? Delicious? The Venice Boardwalk??

Finally! What we Venetians have been clamoring for and conversing eagerly about for years of late has appeared on the horizon of the always entertaining yet gastronomically depressing Venice Boardwalk. A decent place to sit, watch the sunset, have a tasty brew and some quality grub. I admit that the Waterfront will always have a piece of my heart and I’ll continue to support the worldwide leader in Erdinger, however, this new girl in town has me smitten.

Say hello to the Venice Ale House at the corner of Rose and the Boardwalk. Day or night, you’ll find one of the owners Spoon Singh or Thomas Elliot meandering around the premise, bouncing table to table hanging out with patrons. Spoon; creator of the Kona Brewing company; and Thomas are genuinely good people and usually grinning ear to ear. And rightfully so! They are responsible creating what many have failed to do in the past. By bringing in the freshest, local and organic ingredients and offering them with a long list of great beers and wine; they have successfully built an establishment that excels in quality yet stays true to Venice roots.

Say hi to Cinanmon, true sweetheart and talented wine buyer and give props to Chef Emilio. His menu is a far cry from your typical bar food with Yukon Un-Fries, Halibut Ceviche, tri-color beet salad and my favorite; the Carlsbad Mussels in Sauvignon Au Jus.

Enjoy with a beer sampler served on a skateboard by one of many beautiful servers especially, our girl Lindsay Mc D!.

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