Haunted House Party!…. at the most expensive home in the WORLD!

Ok, so it’s not in Venice and maybe not even haunted but it’s quite possibly the scariest looking. But, beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? What is frightening however, is that the price tag is well over $1 billion and that one man, Mukesh Ambani, had this home built for his family of…UMM…FIVE!! Makes you kind of tilt your head to the side and squint your eyes considering that it’s location in Mumbai, India; where approximately 75% of the population lives on less than $2/DAY!!! The servants and builders of the project were reportedly making $2/day. They invited me to their housewarming party Friday night but I declined because I can’t miss the 5th Annual Night of the Beautiful & the Damned Party!!!

This monstrosity is 400,000 sq. ft., 27 super-stories (550ft high) and will demand 600 full-time staff members for day-to-day operations. It has 3 Heli-pads and parking for 168 cars, with one floor dedicated to car maintenance only. 4 floors at the top are for the family, one floor for entertainment with a 50-seat movie theater, balconies and gardens. There is also a health floor with a gym and swimming pool along with many more floors complete with all the accommodations of a normal city… I mean house. Seriously though, doesn’t it look like one of those end-of-the world, aliens taking over, Terminator Salvation digs? (Sorry Perkins + Will, I know you design some rad places)

For the world’s 4th Richest man, head of Reliance; a petrol-chemical giant; this is only 1/43 of his net worth.  So, are we to point a nasty ‘how dare you’ finger at the guy for building a family home with money he earned? After all, he did create jobs for construction workers for almost 7 years and now he’s employing 600 full-time staff. Has he contributed to the economy or taken advantage of it? Has Meg Whitman stimulated the economy by dumping 150 million on a political campaign? What do you say? Are these elite business gurus purely self-serving with their heads literally in the clouds or genuinely hard-working philanthropist success stories turning the other cheek to a barrage of media-clinging haters lit with envy?

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