Tuesday, Nov 2 | A Night of Nerdery, Beers and Brains.

I love me some Nerds. Shake that shitty (yet wonderful & memorable) 2 – Day Halloween hangover and step out to the Air Conditioned Supper Club for a night of nerdery next Tuesday 11/2 @ 8pm.

Born in Boston and fostered in New York, Nerd Nite recently spread to Austin, TX, Munich, Germany, Washington, DC, and San Francisco, and as of August is here in LA!

Nerd Nite will feature presentations by three Nerds, who will teach you everything you wanted to know about personal injury lawsuits, human pathogens, and computer hacking. So yes, you’re right, it is going to be awesome.


Air Conditioned Supper Club is at 625 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291  [3 blocks south of Rose Ave] 310.230.5343

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