Faces of The Boardwalk | Meet Black Rose

“Venice is the only place that i’ve found that its okay to be me.”

Faces of the Boardwalk #1 | Meet Black Rose
Story by Gina Calderoni

Rebecca Rene aka Black Rose, has been a Venice Boardwalk artist since January 2007. Her journey, much like a lot of us in Venice, hasn’t been an easy one. Living and working in the streets of New York and D.C,  Rebecca describes her experience thus far in life as “a bag of mixed candies”. Born to a mother who was a prostitute and father who hustled the streets, the chips were stacked up against her from the onset. She used painting and art as her escape from reality & it soon became a career after she made her way to Venice and saw the many artists much like herself doing it daily and making a living on the The Boardwalk. What keeps her going everyday? Her son. An artist and also a mother, Rebecca hopes to be reunited with her 12 year old son one day.  ”He’s what inspires me & I’ll do whatever it takes to hold him in my arms again one day” Rebecca tells me… With a beautiful smile and a voice of a songbird (which I found out singing karaoke with her at the Bistro) Rebecca’s story captured my heart and had to share. Below are images of a few of her favorite paintings she is currently creating…

"Power Struggle"

Series of "Chicks Rule" art pieces

“My son, the faces I see daily on the boardwalk, & the energy of Venice is what inspires me”

Rebecca in her element, finishing up her latest finger painting

You can catch Black Rose selling her Artwork at the Boardwalk on the regular. Support your neighborhood artist! Buy a piece, or say hello. They all have a story to tell :)

About the author

Gina lived in practically every hood in L.A and it wasn't until she settled in Venice that she truly felt at home. Model, DJ and dancer, she's often referred to as a "Professional". When she's not making Burningman accessories or going to a burner party, she likes to play with Ableton, Serato and Traktor.

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