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It’s summertime and the livin is easy, instead of taking that long overdue holiday to a tropical island or emerging city you’ve decided to keep it real on the west side. Why go anywhere when there is a sandy beach in your own backyard, right?  So stop into A+R to get your fill of their world traveler finds without leaving the hood. Owners Rosa Apodaca, WWD’s former West Coast bureau chief, and hubby Andy Griffith, a film editor with an eye for style have held shop on Abbot Kinney since late 2007. Self tagged “World Design. Edited.” this shop has just that – everything sleek, stylish, edgy and eclectic.  It’s busting with design driven gizmos, gadgets and gifts from all over the globe. You could easily pimp your whole apartment out from just this shop.

A+R is at 1121-1 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291 Tel: 310 392 9128 www.aplusrstore.com

My 2 favz:

Modkat Litter Box –if i had a cat he’d surely shit in this.

If ever a household essential required a design makeover it’s the smelly old litter tray. Rooftop access (any cat that can jump onto a chair should have no problem) saves on floor space, provides privacy for your cat and cleanliness for your home: When the cat climbs out of the generous entrance, litter granules fall back inside via the perforated top. The locking lid keeps dogs and kids out, while non-skid feet curb unwanted movement. A rounded ergonomic scoop with sweeping brush stores neatly on the side. The commercial-strength tarpaulin liner is easy to clean and reusable, with handles for effortless removal and emptying. No more ugly protruding liner because it fits neatly inside. An unparalleled experience for your cat–and you.

Mango Wooden Radio –hard rock on wood!

Aesthetics is only one of the deciding factors behind the hard woods that designer Singgih Kartono selects for these two-tone radios. With the richness derived from instruments made of wood in mind, organic vitality matters just as much. So, too, the planet. The Indonesian designer enlists local carpenters in villages with high unemployment and instead of simple (and forgettable) souvenirs, they craft the shell with locally harvested new growth wood. For every tree used in production, a new one is planted. Shortwave band reception AM/FM and mp3 compatible. Runs on AA batteries. Award winner from the International Design Resource Association (IDRA).

Guaranteed your new go-to spot for all your gifting needs + more.

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