Gang fight closes Venice boardwalk

A gang fight (rumored to include more than 50 participants) had police surrounding the Venice boardwalk, trapping anyone unlucky enough to be there.  The incident occurred around 6 PM on Sunday (May 30th).  WeLoveVenice was at Danny’s bar and restaurant (just off the boardwalk at Windward and Speedway) when cops swooped in. Lucky for us, Danny’s was just outside of the police blockade.

It was a pretty bizarre scene.  Streets were taped off and jammed with police cruisers, choppers circled overhead and for at least 45 minutes and crowds gathered at boardwalk exits where police told them to stay put.  Around 6:30 PM, police entered the crowd with batons drawn at Windward and Speeday, and shortly emerged with three handcuffed suspects.

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