Show review: Tom Freund at the Stronghold

Photo courtesy: by Boris Badenov

Who is Tom Freund and why do I care if he played this week at the Stronghold (in Venice)?  Well, he’s a super-talented (jazz-trained) musician that just had an album (“Collapsible Plans”) full of Americana (you know, country-rock… think Wilco, Ryan Adams) produced by Ben Harper (whom he’s performed with, by the way).  Freund is a regular at SXSW (he’s only missed four since 1994), got his start plucking an upright bass in jazz outfits around New York City and this week, he put on a killer show at the Stronghold in Venice.

Freund and friends (there were up to five musicians on stage) wandered from country ballads to stompin’ rock numbers.  They even threw in a couple of covers, including a Pink Floyd cut. Take a wild guess? No, not “Breath” or “Wish You Were Here” (God help us), but “Fearless.” What’s that? A selection from Floyd’s mostly forgotten (but certainly their greatest) album, Meddle. Well done, Tom Freund.

Catch Tom Freund again next Tuesday, April 27th at the Stronghold.

Stream some of Fruend’s songs at his Myspace page.


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