Tiger Woods, THE Nike Ad & and how the people of Venice should get involved

I know I’m late to this party but it just took me this long to give a crap. Too many folks offer up their opinion of Tiger Woods and Nike’s recent commercial. Some even try (unsuccessfully) to keep Tiger the golfer separate from Tiger the Cheeta(h)r. It has been said that the recent Nike ad was controversial and therefore a success. It has been said that Nike doesn’t judge him and the commercial allows us to not feel judged if we pass judgment on Tiger. Can we blame Tiger? Can we blame Nike? Can we blame the girls? Should they all get together for a round of karaoke at the Whaler? The answer is obviously yes.

I’m tired of hearing about Tiger. I’m disappointed that Ellen hasn’t filed for divorce. I’m just relieved that the corporate juggernaut, Nike doesn’t judge me for having my opinion. Mostly, I’m tired of having to take a shower after seeing that shitty ad and I just feel sorry for Tiger’s mom and family.

I wish someone would start a shoe company that did something cool for a change like give away a free pair of shoes to those in other countries that are not as fortunate as us. Oh wait, someone did and his name is Tom – www.toms.com.

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  1. Nick says:

    Totally cool

  2. kyla says:

    I hope tiger ignores these rubbish HATERS and move on with his life. Millions of fans round the world including me, still love him to bits and thought the vid was brilliant. I would even pay to see it again. A lot of women would have him any day, thats how special he is. GOD PUT HIM ON EARTH SO THAT WE CAN ENJOY HIM SO STOP HATING.

  3. kyla says:

    The fact we all scouring the net writing about him says everything – he has that special Je ne sais quoi which we all hunger for, yes? He did nt kill anyone and all you hippocrites know its a man’s thing happens all the time.

  4. kyla, girl, you for real? says:

    Kyla, $50 says you barely graduated high school and had an unsuccessful stint at community college. There are so many things wrong with your statements that i don’t know where to start. Are you really invoking God into a discussion to defend infidelity? There is nothing wrong with your groupie like mentality (seriously).. Just DON’T BE MARRIED WITH KIDS WHEN YOU DO IT! He may not have killed anyone but he did mentally scar his entire family. How do you not understand that?

  5. kyla says:

    He is not the first and certainly not the last man to stray. A whole bunch of sportsmen, leaders, stars, do it every opportunity they get and its soon forgotten. TIGER is special thats why the media make money out of it and wish it can in on forever so they can have jobs. What was a man going to do with a cold fish as a wife? LEAVE TIGER ALONE AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE SWEDISH GOLD DIGGER. THERE WILL ONLY EVER BE ONE TIGER AND US MILLIONS OF HIS FANS WILL LOVE HIM FOREVER. YOU ALL KNOW THE WORLD WATCHES GOLF WHEN TIGER PLAYS FOR SURE. GOLF NEEDS TIGER!

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