First Shelby Mustangs built in Venice, CA

I was pretty sure they only built cars in Detroit back in the day. But I’m not a smart man. And I know zero about the car industry. Except that they killed the electric car. Or was it oil companies?  Both of them in a conspiracy?  Not important for now. 

Mustangs. Shelby Mustangs, the hottest.  Guess where they were first built in 1965?  Venice, CA. ( They didn’t actually build them from scratch.  Race car driver Carroll Shelby had a facility in Venice that modified Mustang Cobras into the first GT-350s (that’s gear head speak for “Shelby Mustang”).

And now you know. Venice, CA is the birthplace of the Shelby Mustang. And knowing, my friends, is half the battle.

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