Ahem, Banksy is in town! Are his sights on Venice?

Perhaps, a nod to artist Jeff Koons? Find this near 4th and La Brea (near the Silk Trading Co.) (Justin Vanhoy)

Sound the silent alarms, Mysterious street artist,  Banksy is in town promoting his new movie Exit Through the Gift Shop, His installation shown here above was installed on LaBrea/4th (near Silk Trading Co). Rumblings around are stating, Banksy may drop 1-2 more pieces in obviously discreet locations. One of them possibly being, Venice? Why not. We’re the king of L.A streets when it comes to street art. We started the graffiti movement in the US back in the early 80′s. Come give us some love, Banksy. As a matter of fact. I’ll donate my garage door in your honor.

UPDATE** – The Art piece was stolen and is now in the hands of Jet Set Graffiti. Check out the youtube video here of this heist? or was it a heist? or is Banksy slipping acid in our 40′s? Who the fuck knows..

*JetSet asserts “the artist never confirmed the work was his, and the piece is now considered counterfeit,” adding that it “makes sense for the artist to distance himself from the work now. Banksy never confirmed it was his to begin with, so Ace Gallery and every other greedy art-star fucker can piss off.”

Info on ETTGS: The film, which will get a wider release on April 16th in select cities, is “the story of how an eccentric Los Angeles based French shop keeper turned documentary maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy whilst in the US, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with

spectacular results.” It features Banksy, Shepherd Fairey, Invader and other well-known street artists. It even features how Banksy planned his Guantanamo Bay detainee at Disneyland and goes behind the scenes of his 2007 L.A. show, Barely Legal – via LAist

Downtown at 9th and Broadway (Roger Gastman)

Downtown at 9th & Broadway (Justin Vanhoy)

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  1. You have erroneously reported that “it is now in the hands of JetSet Graffiti”. This is untrue; if you read the original article, JSG was simply reporting on the heist; not involved, they were sent the video footage anonymously and put it up on their website.

    DON’T Get it twisted..

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