How many visitors crowd into Venice on the weekends? I’m shocked.

During summer weekends, 150,000 visitors squeeze into Venice. (AP) Not impressed?  Are you yawning at me?  Okay, hot shot. Guess how many people actually live in Venice?  A few hundred thousand?  Wrong. Just 35,820 people live there. (Wikipedia) So that’s why it’s such a pain to find parking there, traffic is hard and the bars get so crowded.

(Photo: wili_hybrid)

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  1. Nick says:

    150000 on average spending what $50 or $100 or more each? Lets just say it’s $100 for all you math wizzes out there, thats 15mil plus the five or ten bucks each the locals spend…and bam! 15 mil a weekend times 52 weeks, phew all this math is making me thirsty, god damn room mate drank all my F@#$in beer that Cork Stackin Australian!!!

    Anyways where was I, oh, yeah time to smoke a bowl…now where is my god damn lighter, that bitch, she f@#$ing stole my muthf@#$ing lighter again DAMN…oh here it is, in my pocket, ok lets see..hmmm…so thats …15 mil times 52 weeks thats 780 mil a year…give or take 5 or ten bucks…

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