New Angus & Julia Stone Album Preview: Funky Vibes

I remember the first time I fell in love with Angus & Julia Stone. I was driving through the narrow corridor we call Pacific Ave, bobbing and weaving through traffic racing to work with too much on the brain and too much gas on the pedal. After blowing through a yellow light at the last second on Brooks Ave, I decided to ease up a bit and stop at the next one. I took a breath, found zen, & suddenly turned my attention to MBE and what do i hear. An angel singing that is Julia Stone. The song was “Bella” & it was love at first listen..

Their second US album, Down the Way, is the perfect compliment to their first album . The first track “Hold On” starts the journey and the ride doesn’t end until “The Devil’s Tears”. After listening to the album it’s apparent the whole thing was made as one large masterpiece. The way Angus intercepts Julia’s voice then glides into the next, followed by a solo of his own, “Santa Monica Dream”.. it’s truely brilliant.

Grab this album (listen to a free album preview here on KCRW), a coffee from Intelligesta, & just ride.

No need to skip tracks.  This album gets WELO\V: 4/4 stars.

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Angus & Julia Stone are a brother-sister duo from Newport on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

Their debut EP Chocolates and Cigarettes was released August 2006. Their second EP Heart Full of Wine was released in February 2007. Both EP’s were released through EMI Music in Australia and independent label, Independiente Records in the UK.

Their debut album A Book Like This was released on the 8th September 2007 through EMI Music Australia and March 2008 in UK/Europe through Flock Music. It was later released in the USA through Nettwerk on the 3rd March 2009 with an alternative track listing. The album has also been released in Japan (Village Again) and Korea (Leaplay Music).

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